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What is the importance of a good business presentation?


If you one of those who are thinking “Why the heck is a good business presentation important”? Trust me, you are not alone! We get this question A LOT! We also encounter clients who not only don’t understand the importance of a good presentation, but also hesitate to ask. I suppose that they probably feel it must be obviously important to have something which has “good” attached to it.

Honestly, creating a good business presentation does require you to put in a bit of effort. It requires a bit of skills, knowledge, willingness and practise to pull things together. It can also take quite some time to create that perfect business presentation which works for you.

So, WHY is it important to have a good business presentation? It is important to have a good business presentation because a well-crafted, visually appealing business presentation can say that you are professional and value quality. On the contrary, not-so-good presentation fails to hold your audience’s attention, and can even lead to unfavourable outcomes. A business presentation is often the first document about your organisation that your clients or partners get to see.

Thus, it is important to have a good business presentation in order to build a first impression, a good brand image and most particularly to convince your audience about your business/idea.

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, in this post we will evaluate the various aspects of creating a good business presentation. Hopefully, you will feel more confident to create a business presentation by the end of this post. Let’s have a look at some of the key things you should know –

Things to keep in mind before starting work on your business presentation?

While there is a lot of thinking one needs to do for the actual presentation, there are few things one should keep in mind even before they start working on their business presentation. You need to know what kind of presentation needs to be created. You need to ask yourself, who am I making this 

things to keep in mind while making a business presentation

business presentation for? Who is my audience? What is the size of my audience? How big will be the screen size on which I’ll be presenting? Do I need to email this deck or is it something that I will be presenting in-person? The amount of time you have with your audience/stakeholders.

These questions essentially help produce a self-created design brief. Answers to these questions can be critical as they sort of give creative direction throughout the presentation. For example –

  • Font size – Audience size can help you define the size of the text. If there is a large audience, the possibility of them being further away from the screen increases. In such a scenario, a general rule of thumb we follow is – “larger the audience size, the larger the font size”.
  • Amount of information on each slide – This is in direct correlation with the first point. If you are presenting to a larger audience, you should obviously not cram a lot of information in a single slide. You will definitely have more liberty to put in additional information if your deck is viewed by a smaller audience. Even so, one should keep in mind that too much text and too much of the information on any single slide is a recipe for a bad presentation.
  • File size and images – If you intend to send the presentation over email to your audience, do keep in mind the size of the file. The size of presentation file can easily get out of control if precautions are not taken. We shall cover this topic on how to keep the image size under control in another blog post.
  • Number of slides – In order to identify the number of slides, the first thing you may want to look at is the total time that you have at hand. Next, identify approximately how much time you intend to spend on each slide. Divide the two, and you have an approximate number for the total slides that you should have. Be sure to consider some time for Q&A. For example – if you 30 minutes for a meeting – you may want to set aside at least about 10 minutes for Q&A. You’re then left with 20 minutes. If you intend to spend about 2 minutes per slide, your goal should be to restrict the presentation to about 10 slides.

As per Guy Kawasaki, the creator of the term “Death by Powerpoint” and the “10/20/30 rule”, one should take no more than 10 slides, and 20 minutes to explain their business/idea. Also, one should use no less than 30 point font in order to maintain readability. I feel this is a great benchmark to keep in mind.

What do we mean by a “good business presentation”?

Any good business presentation should be able to do at least the following – 

  • Give an overview of your organisation
  • Objective of the meeting
  • Synergy/next steps in the partnership

A business presentation is a tool or a handy reference document that provides an overview of your business, the purpose of the meeting and possible next steps. As I mentioned earlier, it is often the first document about your organisation that your clients or partners get to see. Thus, it should definitely give a brief overview of your organisation, specify the objective of your meeting and highlight the future roadmap or the next steps envisaged.

What should be included in a good business presentation?

Not every business is the same. Therefore, business presentations also vary based on your business. Thus, it is difficult to have a structure that fits with every specific requirement. Having said that, a general list of contents that should be included in your business presentation are as follows – 

  1. Cover slide – this slide may have a title and the date
  2. Vision & mission
  3. Business overview – objective of the business, sectors/industries, number of years, office locations, team size etc.
  4. Details of the products or services
  5. Case study of a project
  6. Clients
  7. Testimonials
  8. Partnership opportunity – this should take into consideration the areas of business of your potential audience, and also highlight how a partnership would be mutually beneficial to both organisations.
  9. Contact us

It is of utmost importance that each presentation is customized to your audience, and it should be designed keeping your audience at the core. This means, highlighting specific products or services that may work in favour of the partnership specific to a client. 

Is it worth putting the effort in creating a good business presentation?

Absolutely! While it may seem a lot of effort to create a good business presentation, we’ve seen that a well-designed presentation that is crisp and conveys the right message, and is also visually appealing, has as much as a 63% higher chances of conversion. It is important to note that having a good business presentation isn’t everything, but not having one definitely sets you back by a few steps! We strongly advise organisations to put efforts in ensuring a good business presentation. Through our partnerships, we’ve seen that the most amount of time taken in creating a good business presentation goes into designing it. Now, we understand that not everyone always has the time, skills, or resources to put in the effort for designing a good business presentation. Thus, we have put together some pro-tips that can help you in achieving this task easily.

Pro-tips on creating a good business presentation easily

There are a few ways you can save some time and effort in creating a good business presentation. We’ve listed our top 3 recommendations below-

1. Buy presentation templates – There are quite a few platforms available on the internet that provide you with well designed presentation templates. These templates are great if you don’t wish to spend much time on designing the deck as these are pre-designed by professionals with dummy content and dummy text. However, the flipside is that while the design has been already created, they are generalised and not specific to your content. Therefore, you may still need the necessary skills to edit the presentation, and you still end up spending a lot of time. If this is the course you plan to take, I would recommend Envato Market


      • You get a professional looking presentation


      • Templates are highly generalised
      • Customization still requires moderate to high level of expertise and a lot of time
      • Since templates are open to use for all, your presentation may end up looking similar to someone else who may have used the same template.
      • Doesn’t work if you have many presentations to be designed


2. Hire design interns – this is a great option especially if you have many presentations/designs that you need created. While interns are not experts, good candidates can give you great designs which are more professional than most non-designers. 


      • Great for large/high volume design needs.
      • Highly customised designs


      • High time and effort associated for identifying and hiring good design interns
      • Interns will mostly be available for a short period of 3-4 months. Thus, post design changes can be a challenge
      • May lack focus on messaging as their expertise is often in design and not in communication


3. Hire a presentation design agency – If there is a lot at stake, we would recommend going with this option. While it might seem a bit cost heavy, however, we’ve seen this to be a great return on investment especially if you are pitching for a project with a total revenue potential of at least 10 times the cost of hiring the agency for this task.  For example, if you’re planning to raise $1 million, hiring a professional agency for a presentation design and spending upto $5000 may not be a bad idea after all. 



      • Highly customised designs with great precise messaging
      • No further customization needed (generally) – even if needed it is generally carried out by the agency
      • Saves time – allows you to parallely work on other areas of business. Also, absolutely useful if you have a short turn-around time. 
      • Great for large/high volume design needs.


      • Cost – while high at times, cost-value proposition can easily outweigh this as a con.


In case you intend to hire a professional agency, you can write to us at [email protected]


We’ve established that having a good business presentation is indeed important. While it can take some time and effort, it is worth the investment. A bit of pre-planning can help you reach your end objective faster and easily. Identify which route you may want to take to design your presentation, and soon you will have a great presentation for your business.