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What is a Presentation Clicker? [And How to Use it?]

What is a Presentation Clicker? [And How to Use it?]

If you are preparing to give a presentation, a presentation clicker can be a very helpful tool! In fact, if you have never given a presentation on a stage before, and you probably just found out that you will need to use a presentation clicker during the presentation, it can make you a bit anxious. This may perhaps make you wonder, what exactly is a presentation clicker?

A presentation clicker (or a presentation remote) is a wireless device that acts as a remote to control the movement of your slides during a presentation. A presentation clicker helps to advance the slides, or move back. Some presentation clickers also have a built-in laser that acts as a pointer.

In this article, I will help you understand a bit more about a presentation clicker, and provide you with tips on how to use it when giving a presentation. Plus, if you are looking to buy a presentation clicker, I shall be sharing some of the best options for you to choose based on my experience.

So, let’s get started!

How Does a Presentation Clicker Work?

A presentation clicker works by connecting to a computer wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection (often using a Bluetooth receiver). Once connected, it allows the presenter to move the slides forward or backward in the presentation mode using the buttons present on the clicker.

Thus, if you are using a presentation clicker when giving the presentation, you can easily move around on the stage and you don’t have to worry about running back to your computer (or asking someone else) to change the slide!

A presenter using a presentation clicker (in his right hand) while delivering a presentation

It is important to note that most presentation clickers come with a Bluetooth receiver that is injected into a USB slot on the computer (much like how a wireless mouse is connected to a laptop or a desktop). Furthermore, a receiver is unique to a specific device. Meaning, if you lose the Bluetooth receiver, the presentation clicker will not work!

Additionally, some clickers are designed to work specifically with a special application such as Microsoft PowerPoint. These clickers won’t work with other presentation applications like Keynote and Google Slides. Whereas, some clickers work with most major presentation applications and even with PDF files!

If you are planning to buy a presentation clicker, make sure that you choose one that works at least with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote!

I’m also going to share with you how to use a presentation clicker, so make sure that you keep reading!

Top 5 Best Presentation Clickers

Sometimes, organizers simply don’t provide the presenter with a presentation clicker. Even when they do, the type of clicker will vary from one event to the other! Learning how to use a different clicker at the last moment can be a bit annoying especially when you are focusing on getting the presentation delivered perfectly!

That is one of the main reasons I carry my own presentation clicker. In fact, I highly recommend you do that too as it really doesn’t cost too much to buy a clicker.

So, let me share with you a few options that you should consider if you are interested in buying a clicker for delivering presentations.

Note – You can also check out the best selling presentation remotes on Amazon. These are usually the most reliable choices in addition to the ones that I’ve tried and reviewed below!

If you are in a rush and want to know which one is the best, my recommendation would be to go with Logitech Spotlight Remote. It is the easiest one to use with a design that requires minimal explanation, and works in a plug-and-play model! It even works without the receiver, that way you don’t have to worry about losing the receiver!

1. Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote [Most Complete]

Spotlight by Logitech is THE BEST presentation remote out there! It provides you with some of the most unique features. Some of these features include –

  • Mouse-like cursor control
  • Allows you to not only highlight but magnify elements on the screen (which is pretty cool!)
  • Range of up to 100 feet
  • Seamless connectivity – it really is seamless as it works even without a receiver via Bluetooth. That way, if you lose the receive it still works! (If you are like me, you’re bound to lose a receiver at some time!)
  • Highly compatible – Works with not just Google Slides, but also with PowerPoint, and Keynote. It even works with PDF files and Prezi!

In my experience, the most helpful feature is its design! Other than the Power button, it only has 2 buttons which are used for next and previous slides. That way, you don’t get confused when presenting and end up showing slides that you aren’t meant to!

The best part is that it is not obnoxiously expensive! For all the features that it encompasses, Spotlight is quite affordable.

Check out the latest price by clicking on the button below.

2. Beboncool RF Wireless Presenter [Most Budget Friendly]

The Beboncool is pretty budget-friendly and also has an integrated laser pointer. It is made out of unique ABS material which is environmentally friendly.

To use it, you do not have to install any software. Just plug in and it is ready for some action – which is quite helpful.

It has all the standard features available on the remote. It works with both Windows and Mac. Furthermore, it can also be used with PowerPoint and Keynote along with Google Slides.

The only drawback (if we can call it that) is that it doesn’t come with a battery. So, you really can’t just unbox and use it directly! But, for most people, that shouldn’t be a problem I suppose.

Check out the latest price by clicking on the button below.

3. DinoFire Presentation Clicker [Most Ergonomic]

DinoFire pointer comes with quite a sleek and ergonomic design. It is comfortable to hold in your hands.

It has 3 clicky buttons and one integrated laser pointer. Some of the other features that it offers are as follows –

  • Range of 100 feet
  • Wide Compatibility – Works with all Windows operating systems, Mac and Linux. Furthermore, it also works with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides
  • Magnetic USB receiver – this ensures that the receiver doesn’t accidentally fall off.
  • 3-year guarantee on USB receiver – this is really cool! If you end up losing the receiver, the manufacturer will replace the receiver for you completely free for the first 3 years! This is one thing that I definitely loved about this clicker!
  • Low power indicator – another helpful feature is the low power indicator. This feature ensures that your presentation clicker doesn’t ditch you in the middle of your presentation!

If you are looking for a presenter remote on a budget, I would recommend DinoFire presentation clicker with my eyes closed! Apart from being the most ergonomic, I also feel that this is the best all-round remote on a budget!

Check out the latest price by clicking on the button below.

4. DinoFire Presenter Remote with Air Mouse [Best Features on a Budget]

The DinoFire presenter remote with remote air is compatible with any USB A or USB type C device.

It is also a future-proof purchase for you as it works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Not only that, this two-in-one receiver will provide you 164 feet of wireless coverage. Besides being a presentation clicker, it can also be used as a mouse!

It actually comes packed with a loads of features! Let’s take a look at some of the most helpful features –

  • Rechargeable battery – you will never run out of power on this device as you can just plug it into an electric socket and use it. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge fully and runs for about 8-10 hours on operation.
  • Also functions as a real mouse – with a click of a button, you can switch from a presenter to an air mouse!
  • Green Light as a pointer – this presentation clicker comes with a green light. The advantage of green light is that it works even with TV screens. It is also far more powerful than a red laser light; thus easily visible.
  • High range – Clicker range up to 50 feet, mouse range is about 80 feet, and light range is about 300 feet.
  • Battery indicator – it also comes with a battery indicator that starts flashing red when the battery is low.
  • Compatibility – this DinoFire presentation remote is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also works with Google Slides, PowerPoint, Keynote, and a few other applications.

Check out the latest price by clicking on the button below.

5. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 [Best Branded Remote on a Budget]

The Logitech R400 is perfect for professional usage and compatible with all windows versions. It has a strong red laser to highlight your presentation content. The most attractive part is that it has touch-sensitive buttons and 50 feet wireless coverage.

While it does come with most of the standard features, there are a couple of drawbacks to keep in mind though –

  • It requires 2 AAA batteries to use
  • It is only compatible with Windows

That said, you do get a trusted product with a fail-proof brand name like Logitech at quite a low price point!

Check out the latest price by clicking on the button below.

How to Use a Presentation Clicker?

As mentioned previously, the presentation clicker will usually have at least the previous and the next button on it.

To use a presentation clicker, first, connect it to the computer. Then, enter the presentation into presenter mode. Finally, press the ‘Previous’ and the ‘Next’ buttons on the clicker to move the slides ahead or back in the presentation. To use the laser pointer, press and hold the laser button.

Using a presentation clicker is actually not difficult at all. So, don’t worry if you have not used it before. That said, presentation clickers usually have their buttons placed differently and it varies based on the model and the brand.

Some clickers come with additional functionality such as converting the clicker into a mouse. It can be annoying when you have to adjust to a presentation clicker every time. However, it is better to spend 5 minutes orienting yourself with the clicker before starting with the presentation rather than committing a mistake during the presentation.

What Else is a Presentation Clicker Called?

There are several names used for a presentation clicker! You may hear other people refer to it as a Presentation Remote, Wireless Clicker, Slide Clicker, PowerPoint Remote, Presentation Pointer among others!

You can rest assured, all these actually mean the same thing!

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