WordArt in PowerPoint –  A Beginner’s Guide!

When you want your text to standout and look different in your PowerPoint presentation, WordArt is a great place to start! But, what exactly is WordArt in PowerPoint and how should we used it?

WordArt in PowerPoint is a tool that provides a quick way to make the text standout by adding special effects such as glow effect, 3D effect, shadow, rotation and even curved text!

A fun and attractive way to your text. It allows you to make your text appear in different effects such as a 3-D effect, curved text effect, color gradients, etc.

What is WordArt in PowerPoint?


Go to the “Insert” tab. In the “Text” section of the “Insert” tab, select the icon that looks like a tilted letter ‘A’, which is the “Insert WordArt” button.


The drop-down menu will give you a range of WordArt style options to choose from. Simply select the effect you want and it will automatically appear in the middle of the screen.

How to Convert Existing Text to WordArt in PowerPoint?

Step-1 Select the text that you want to convert into a WordArt and go to the “Shape Format” tab of the ribbon.


You will be able to see the “WordArt” section. Click on the “More” button which has the icon of a small arrow pointing downwards with a horizontal line over it.


Click on the preferred WordArt style that you want the selected text to convert to. After picking and clicking, the selected existing text will be changed into the preferred WordArt style.

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