Why Do Presentations Make You Nervous? 

Many people experience anxiety before or during presentations, and it can be difficult to overcome the nerves. Some people get those feelings every once in a while.

If this sounds like you, then read on to understand why presentations can make people nervous and get some helpful tips to overcome your nerves!

Why Do Presentations Make People Nervous?

- You worry about making mistakes or saying something embarrassing. - You worry that you won’t have time to cover everything.

Things that you should remember about presentations

Presentations usually last between five minutes – twenty minutes maximum with a few exceptions. So, holding your nerves for about 20 minutes should not be that hard.

Tips on How to Overcome Your Nerves When Giving a Presentation

It is important to remember that not all tips mentioned will apply to you. But, try to implement as many as you can.

Tip 1 – Create a Robust Presentation Structure

Having a good presentation will also give you the confidence in delivering the presentation as you know exactly what point you want to drive home!

Tip 2 – Identify the Most Important Parts of your Presentation

These would be points that you want people in your audience to remember as key takeaways.

Tip 3 – Think of How to Open your Presentation

Some good ideas are with a story, or by using an interesting quote or statistic that will immediately grab your audience’s attention.

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