Useful Presentation Topics for Human Resources

As an HR head, you might be invited to many forums, conferences, and board rooms to discuss burning topics that are being debated within your community.

We share with you some ideas that you can read, discuss and develop for your next PowerPoint presentation. So, let’s dive right into the topics directly.

Employee well-being

Using this topic we would encourage HR heads, students, and professors to discuss how such policies with respect to employee well-being should be framed.

Digitalization in HR practices

This is a great topic to take off from and talk about how HR as a function has been impacted by technology over the years, and what possibly will it look like 5 to 10 years hence.

Role of Employee Mental Health

A goal-focused approach, having a mindset for success, an enhanced focus for better productivity — these are aspects that many a time we talk to employees about.

Importance of Learning and Development

The presentation can also include how HR teams are adapting to the ever more nuanced learning needs of their people.

Dispute Resolution among Employees

We see HR heads presenting this topic with examples and anecdotes from their work lives.

Secrets of a Happy Workplace

We all want to work at an organization where we feel motivated, engaged, and safe. However, what goes behind in building and maintaining such a happy workplace?

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