How to Uninstall and Reinstall PowerPoint?

If you have ever faced issues with your PowerPoint files that you can’t easily troubleshoot, chances are that you will need to perhaps uninstall and reinstall PowerPoint completely!

There are four methods by which you can uninstall Microsoft Office from your computer. You can use the control panel, or the Microsoft store, or use PowerShell, or uninstall it using support tools.

Uninstall Microsoft Office from Control Panel 

Step-1 Start menu of your computer and search for the “Control Panel.” After that, click on the “Open” button, below the Control Panel thumbnail.


A window will open on your screen. In that new window, click on the “Uninstall a program” option. It is the last option on the left side of the screen, under the “Programs” option.


Select the “Uninstall a program” button, Find the Microsoft Office program in this window, “Right-click” on it, and select the “Uninstall” button.

Uninstall Microsoft Office from the Microsoft Store 

Step-1 Go to the “Start” menu, search for the “Settings” option, click on the “Open” button located immediately under the “Settings” thumbnail.


After you click on the “Open” button, a new window will appear on your screen. From that window, select the “Apps” button. It is the second option in the left-most column in the window.


You will be taken to a new page in the window called “Apps & features”. Now, in this window, find the version of the “Microsoft Office” program installed on your computer and then select it.

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