Can You Track Changes in PowerPoint? Here’s How to Do It!

If you are a frequent user of other Microsoft Office applications especially “Word”, one feature that you wish the most in PowerPoint is the track changes feature!

But, you’d be surprised to know that Microsoft PowerPoint also provides a feature similar to track changes and it is a bit difficult to locate at first!

There is a feature in PowerPoint that is similar to “Track Change”. The feature is more referred to as “review and compare”.

Track Change Feature in PowerPoint

How to Track Changes in PowerPoint?

Go to the “Review” tab and compare a reviewed file with the original file of your presentation.


Make a copy of the PowerPoint presentation file that you wish to share with other users.


Rename each file. Send the presentation file to the reviewer and ask them to send you the file back after they have made the necessary changes.


Open the original presentation that you saved on your computer. Click on the “Review” tab.


Click on the “Compare” button which is located in the “Compare” section of the “Review” tab.

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