How to Create a Table of Contents in PowerPoint?

Having a table of content in your PowerPoint presentation is a great way to indicate to your audience the overview of the topics that will be covered in the presentation.

However, unlike some of the other applications, PowerPoint doesn’t provide a one-click button to add a table of contents to your slides!

To create a table of contents for your PowerPoint presentation, you have to open a new blank slide and then drag the slides one by one.

Dragging the Slides to the Presentation

Step-1: Add a new slide

You have to click on the “New Slides” button which is located in the “Slide” section of the “File” tab.

Step-2: Drag the slides into the new slide

Simply click on the slides you want to add to the content page and place them inside the table of contents slide, while holding the “Left mouse button”.

Using the Outline View 

Go to the Outline view Go to the “View” tab in the ribbon of your PowerPoint presentation, click on the “Outline View” button located in the “Presentation Views” section.

Step-2: Copy all the titles of the slides

Select all the titles in the slide navigation bar of the “Outline view”, right-click on one of them, and select the “Copy” option from the drop-down menu.

Step-3: Paste the titles

Make sure you have a text box in the slide. If not, insert a text box on the slide, and then paste the titles using the clicking “Ctrl + V” buttons.

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