SmartArt in PowerPoint –  A Complete Guide

If you want to make your presentation slides look aesthetically pleasing but you lack the design skills to make that happen, SmartArt in PowerPoint will certainly be a good place to start!

SmartArt is a feature in PowerPoint that allows you to automatically create visually engaging designs and charts for your content.

SmartArt is an engaging way to present your messages to an audience using Microsoft PowerPoint. Through SmartArt, you can convey the information in your presentation.

What is SmartArt in PowerPoint? 

Where is SmartArt in PowerPoint? 

To use SmartArt in your presentation, you have to use the “SmartArt” option located in the “Illustration” section of the “Insert” tab.

Types of SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint

There are a total of 9 different categories in SmartArt. The categories have been divided according to the purpose of their use and style.


You will find a lot of suitable SmartArt options ranging from Basic Block List, Alternating Hexagons, to Horizontal Bullet List, and many more.


Using the SmartArt from this category, you will be able to engagingly present different processes in a way that the process will be clearly, precisely, and simply understood by the audience.


All the options in this SmartArt category are different variations of designs that help to express cyclical topics. This includes the Basic cycle, Text cycle, Block cycle, Basic pie, and more.

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