Slide Transitions in PowerPoint

Slide transition in PowerPoint is the visual effect applied to an individual slide. The effect is visible when one slide changes or transitions into another.

PowerPoint allows you to customize and control speed, sound, and other effects for certain transitions using the “Transitions” ribbon.

There are different types of slide transitions. Additionally, you can further control certain aspects of the slide transition.


Select the slide that you want to add the transition to. Then, go to the “Transitions” tab in the ribbon of your PowerPoint presentation. It is the 5th tab in the ribbon section.


After you click on the “Transitions” tab, click on the tiny arrow button pointing downwards. It is the “More” button of the “Transition to this slide” section.


 A drop-down menu will appear on the screen where different slide transitions effects are displayed. Simply click on your preferred transition effect.

How to Preview a Slide Transition?

You have to click on the “Preview” button. In the “Transitions” tab, after you select a slide transition effect.

Simply click on the “Preview” button at the left-most part of the options present on the “Transitions” ribbon. The transition effect will be played on the slide to give you a preview.

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