How to Rotate Text in PowerPoint?

If you use PowerPoint regularly to create presentations, at some point in time, you will need to rotate text in PowerPoint. 

What’s really interesting is that the option to rotate text doesn’t seem to be common knowledge. However, it is actually quite easy to rotate text in PowerPoint!

You can either use the “Rotate” button, use the rotate handle, or use the format options to precisely rotate the text box.

How to Rotate Text in PowerPoint?

Using the “Rotate” Option

Step-1 The first step is to select the “Arrange” option, which is located in the “Drawing” section of the “Home” tab. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen.


Select your preferred style of rotation from the 4 provided styles in the “Rotate” option in the drop-down menu. Upon selecting one of the four styles, the text will rotate accordingly.

Using the Rotate Handle

Select the textbox and you will see a circular arrow pointing towards the right, you can find above the middle part of the text box. Simply click and hold the rotate handle.

Using the “Format Shape” Option

Step-1 You have to “Right-click” on the textbox. From that drop-down menu, select the “Format Shape” option.


After you have opened the “Format Shape” sidebar, go to the “Size and Properties” tab. You will find the “Rotation input” box which is the 3rd box in the tab. The text will rotate accordingly.

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