How to Rotate Text in Google Slides?

Sometimes, you may need to rotate text in your Google Slides presentation to give just the perfect visual effect to your slides!

But, knowing how to rotate text in Google Slides can be a bit confusing even if you have experience using the application simply because it is a function that is not used often!

There are multiple ways in which you can rotate the text in your presentation in Google Slides. To be precise, there are 3 ways to do it.

How to Rotate Text in Google Slides?

Using the “Right-Click” option

Step-1 The first step of the process is to “Right-click” on the textbox that contains the text that you want to rotate.


After you have clicked on the “Rotate” option, you will be able to choose between rotating your text 90 degrees clockwise, or anticlockwise.

Using the “Rotation handle”

Simply select and hold the “Rotate handle” and adjust the rotation by moving the mouse of your computer, let go of the mouse once you have adjusted to your preferred angle.

Using the “Arrange” tab

Step-1 Select the textbox, click on the “Arrange” tab, which is the 7th tab in the ribbon of your Google Slides presentation window.


This step is similar to the first method shown earlier. You have to select your preferred style of rotation from the “Rotation” option and the text will be rotated accordingly.

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