Pivot Table in PowerPoint? Here’s How to Do It! 

Pivot tables are a great way to compute figures and arrive at decisions through data. It is a “Pivotal” feature (pun intended) in crunching numbers for your target audience! 

Pivot Tables are a special type of data table that allows you to choose how to view the data. This makes the table easier to understand for everyone in the audience.

In Microsoft Excel, highlight the entire pivot table. Then  “Right Click” on it and select the “Copy” option from the right-click menu.



Click on the “Paste” option under the clipboard icon in the “Home” tab. In the dropdown menu under the “Paste” option, click on the “Paste Special” option.


In the “Paste Special” dialog box, click on the “Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object” option. Then click on the “OK” button.


To do so, select the pivot table pasted on the slide. Then click on the “Animations” tab in the menu ribbon located at the top of the screen.


In the “Animation” group of the “Animations” tab, click on the down arrow which will expand the animation list available in PowerPoint. Click on the “OLE Action Verbs” option.


In the “Change OLE Action Verb” dialog box, click on the “Edit” tab at the bottom. Then all you have to do is click on the “OK” button.

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