Outline View in PowerPoint – Everything You Need to Know!

Not a lot of people are aware that you can actually make a presentation by outlining your key points in a simple bulleted list format! This is where the Outline View in PowerPoint comes in handy!

The “Outline View” in Microsoft PowerPoint is a way of accessing the slides in a more simplistic manner.

How to Access the Outline View in PowerPoint?

 In the “View” menu, click on “Outline View” which is the second option in the “Presentation Views” section.

How to Expand Slides in Outline View?

In the “Outline View”, you can expand any or all slides to view all the content within the slide. There are 3 different methods you can use to expand the slides.

Method 1 – Using Right-Click

First open the “Outline View” from the “View” menu. In the outline sidebar located at the left side of the screen, “Right Click” on the box. Then click on the “Expand”.

Method 2 – Using Double-Click

Use the double-click method to quickly expand the slide outline. All you have to do is “Double Click” on the box located between the slide number and the slide title.

Expand All Slides Using Expand All Feature

In the “Outline View”, you can also expand all the slides at once. To do so, “Right Click” on the box next to any slide.

In the right-click menu, click on the arrow beside the “Expand” option to open another dropdown menu. Then click on the “Expand All” option to expand all the slides.

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