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Shrot Katewa

PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used application for presentations!

It has several features that often go unnoticed!

Let's take a look at 5 features of PowerPoint that you should know!

1. PowerPoint Design Ideas

The design ideas in PowerPoint allows you to design slides with a click of a button! You can usually find it on the "Insert" tab in PowerPoint.

There are over 83 animations provided in PowerPoint across 3 categories i.e. Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit Animations

2. Animations

In addition to animations, PowerPoint also gives you the ability to configure the manner in which slides change.

3. Slide Transitons

Slide transitions allow you to add movement to your slides when they transition from one to another.

The "Merge Shapes" feature in PowerPoint is quite unique.  It allows you to use existing shapes and combine, fragrament, intersect, substract, and union to create multiple combinations of unique shapes!

4. Merge Shapes

You may not know this but PowerPoint actually comes with some really helpful image editing tools!

5. Remove Image Background

For instance, you can even remove the background from a picture in PowerPoint or make the background transparent!

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