Line Spacing in PowerPoint – Basics Explained

Line spacing in PowerPoint allows you to adjust the space between two lines within a paragraph or the space between two paragraphs in a text box.

By default, PowerPoint provides 5 line spacing options. However, you also get an option to add custom line spacing in PowerPoint.

How to Access the Line Spacing Options in PowerPoint?

Step-1:  Click on the “Home” tab which is the second tab in the menu ribbon located at the top of the screen.


Click on the “Line Spacing” option in the “Paragraph” group of the “Home” menu as shown in the image in step 1. This will open a dropdown menu.


The final step is to click on “Line Spacing Options” in the dropdown menu to launch a dialog box. In the dialog box, you can now customize the line spacing option.

Standard Line Spacing Options

The Default “1.0” Line Spacing Option The lowest standard spacing option “1.0” creates the spacing by the amount that is half of the font size of the text in the text box.

The Default “1.5” Line Spacing Option

The second option, “1.5” creates a little more spacing between each line at 75% of the text. That is, if the font size of the selected text is 12pt, the spacing will be 9pt.

The Default “2.0” Line Spacing Option

The third option “2.0” is more visually pleasing as it creates 100% of text spacing between each line. That is, for text with 12pt font size.

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