How to Insert a Timer in PowerPoint?

Having a timer in your PowerPoint presentation can be extremely useful. There are many use cases for it for instance when you are conducting a workshop, you may want to insert a timer for break time.

Likewise, you can also add a timer before the first slide to let your audience know when the presentation will start! The important question is – how to insert a timer in PowerPoint?

How to Insert a Timer Add-in in PowerPoint?

To insert a timer add-in in PowerPoint, first click on the “Insert” tab. Then, from the ribbon, click on “Add-in”.

From the dropdown, click on “Get Add-in”. A new window will pop up. Search for “timer” using the search bar. Finally, click on “Add” to install the add-in to your PowerPoint.

How to Insert a Countdown Timer Using an Add-in?

Now that you have installed the timer add-in in PowerPoint, the next step really is to simply insert a timer on your slides.


In the “Insert” menu, click on the “Add-ins” option again. Click on the “My Add-ins” option from the dropdown menu.

In the secondary dropdown menu, click on the newly added timer add-in to insert it in the slide. The next step is to simply add the duration that you want to set for the timer!


To add a 5-minute timer, click on the middle field, and from the dropdown, click on “5”. Finally, click on “Start“. And that’s it! You will see the timer doing a reverse counting from 5 minutes!

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