Insert a Table in PowerPoint from Excel?

One of the conveniences that PowerPoint presentations provide is the ability to insert tables and make them dynamic in nature from any source, particularly Excel.

This allows presenters to continue in the flow of their presentations without having to shuffle through multiple open windows.

Method 1 – Using Copy and Paste

Step-1: The first step is to open the Microsoft Excel worksheet from where you want to copy the table.

Then select the preferred columns and rows to highlight them. “Right Click” on it and click on the “Copy” option.

“Right Click” on the PowerPoint slide where you want to add the table. In the right-click menu, click on your preferred option under “Paste Options”.


You can alternatively press the “Ctrl+V” keys on your keyboard to paste the Excel table to your slide.

Method 2 – Using Paste Special

Step-1: In the “Paste” group of the “Home” tab, click on the down arrow under the “Paste” icon that looks like a clipboard.

Then click on the “Paste Special” option from the dropdown menu to launch a dialog.

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