How to Edit Text in Google Slides?

When you are just starting off with Google Slides, it can be a bit confusing to edit the text. You may perhaps want to change the content, or even add some styles to your text in Google Slides.

Knowing how to edit the text in Google Slides is really the first step in making great presentations!

To add text in your Google Slides presentation, you have to insert a “Text box” in the slide.

How to Add Text in Google Slides? 


The first step of the process is to select the “Text box” icon in the editing tools bar, which is located right below the ribbon of your Google Slides presentation.


The mouse cursor will change into a cross, indicating that you can now add a “Text box”. Hold the “Left mouse button” and drag the box to your preferred location in your preferred size.


Once you let go of the mouse button, the “Text box” will be inserted into the slide. Now, simply type in the text in the “Text box” and the text will be added to the slide.

How to Select Text in Google Slides? 

Step-1 Click anywhere on the inside of the “Text box.” The blinking cursor will appear and the “Text box” will be highlighted with a blue border.


Place the cursor at the beginning of the text that you’re trying to select. Hold the “Left mouse button” and drag the cursor over the text that you want to select.

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