Home Tab in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint comes packed with a ton of features. And, all these features are usually accessible using the “Tabs” and “Ribbons” in PowerPoint!

It is important to know about each “Tab” in PowerPoint in further detail as this will help you remember the features it contains.

The “Home” tab is the second tab in the menu ribbon located at the top of the screen. It is between the “File” tab and the “Insert” tab.

Where is the Home Tab?

Functions Available in the Home Tab

The commands in the “Home” menu are arranged in 7 groups based on the similarity of their functions. Each of these groups contains a range of functions.


First group in the PowerPoint “Home” tab. It contains the cut and the paste functions.


Slides in PowerPoint are crucial to making any presentation. It includes five commands which are all dedicated to adding slides, removing slides, and changing the layout of the slides.


Contains all the functions related to the fonts in PowerPoint. The commands in the “Fonts” group are primarily used for editing the text in a text box of a slide.


Contains functions to edit paragraphs or text within a text box.

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