How to Highlight Text in PowerPoint?

Highlighting text in PowerPoint can help grab the attention of the audience to just the right set of words. Thus, it is important to know how to highlight the text in PowerPoint!

I will also be discussing ways in which you can highlight text in PowerPoint even if you are using an older version of PowerPoint. So, keep reading!

PowerPoint can provide you a feature to highlight text with any color. However, the feature to highlight text is not available in all PowerPoint versions.

Can You Highlight Text in PowerPoint?


First of all, you have to select all the texts or paragraphs that you want to highlight. For doing that, just press and hold the left mouse button and select all the necessary texts.


After selecting all the texts, you have to find the home tab of Microsoft PowerPoint. You should find it at the top left corner of the screen, right beside the file tab.


Locate the “Text Highlight Color” option. Just click on it and you will see various text highlighting options. Simply click on the color that you prefer and that’s it!

Shortcut to Highlight Text in PowerPoint?

There are no shortcut keys to highlight text to a particular color directly. You can press ctrl+I to enable the highlight tool while you’re in slideshow mode.

How to Remove Text Highlight in PowerPoint?

Removing the text highlight in PowerPoint is also straightforward. Actually, it follows the same process of highlighting the text in PowerPoint.

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