How to Format a Table in PowerPoint?

While reading, presenting, or working with tables it is always more pleasing to see when everything is in place, is formatted, and follows a set style. 

You can apply the designs to a table in the presentation. However, before you apply the table styles, you first need to add a table in PowerPoint. So, make sure you do that first.

The first step is to “Right Click” on the table. In the right-click menu, click on the “Format Shape” option at the bottom.



In the “Format Shape” sidebar, click on the “Text Options” tab located at the top. There are three groups under the tab: “Text Fill & Outline”, “Text Effects”, and “Textbox”.

How to Add Border to a Table in PowerPoint?

Step-1: Click on the “Table Design” contextual tab to access options for customizing the table.


The next step is to click on the “Borders” option in the “Table Styles” group of the “Table Design” tab. In the dropdown menu under the “Borders” option, you can select any combination of border options for the selected table.

Change Border Color of Table in PowerPoint

Step-1: Click on the “Table Design” tab in the menu ribbon.

Step-2: Click on the “Pen Color” option

In the “Draw Borders” group of the “Table Design” tab, click on the “Pen Color” option. You can now select a border color from the dropdown list under the “Pen Color” option.

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