How to Fill Shapes in Google Slides

One of the most common things you will need to know is how to fill shapes in Google Slides! I’ll show you how to fill shapes in Google Slides in a detailed step-by-step manner.

Plus, I’ll also share with you a few additional tricks like adding gradient color, transparency, and images to the shape!

Select the shape on your slide. Then, click on the “Fill Color” option in the toolbar. From the dropdown that appears, click on a color to apply the color.

Fill Shape with Color in Google Slides

Fill Shape with Gradient Color

In the toolbar, click on the “Fill color” icon after selecting the shape. After that, click on the “Gradient” tab in the “Fill color” dropdown menu.

Adding Color to Multiple Shapes

You can use the “Ctrl+A” keys to select all the shapes on the slide. Then, click on the “Fill color” option in the toolbar. You can select either of the “Solid” or “Gradient” colors.

Change the Color of a Shape

Click on the “Fill color” icon in the toolbar. Then, from the dropdown, simply click on the color you wish to apply and the shape color will change automatically.

Add Transparency to Shape Color

Click on the “Fill color” icon in the toolbar. Next is to click the “+” icon under the “Custom” option. Then all you have to do is drag the slider in the “Transparency” section.

Fill Shapes with Picture

From the dropdown, click on the “Shapes” option and choose a shape of your choice. For this example, we shall click on the “Oval” option since there is no option to choose a circle.

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