Disadvantages of Using PowerPoint Presentations!

PowerPoint might have been recommended to you but now you are wondering whether a presenting tool with such a lot of features as PowerPoint is not perhaps giving just as many issues.

The biggest drawback of PowerPoint is that it has many features and requires adequate training to use them properly. If not used correctly, it can affect the reputation of the presenter.

Text-heavy slides

Text-heavy slides give too much information with too much text. This makes the slide boring and the audience will lose interest in the whole presentation.

Too many features can get overwhelming

This can cause you to spend a lot of time compiling your presentation, as you first want to look at the available features for every aspect you use.

Most features usually remain unexplored

They search for features they understand and which seem easy to use. They then tend to stick to these features and don’t explore other features.

Can affect reputation if not used correctly

A good speaker has to ensure that every slide in the presentation is interesting and conveys just enough information to keep the audience focused.

Real-time collaboration is not the best

Only the PowerPoint in Office 365 has this real-time feature. If you use any other version of PowerPoint you will not be able to have real-time collaboration.

Requires downloading

You can’t run the application on the cloud as you can do with Google Slides for instance. The Office 365 PowerPoint software is the one exception.

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