Differences between Presentation and Public Speaking?

People often confuse presentation with public speaking. After all, both require you to speak in front of an audience.

But, there are subtle and important differences between a presentation and public speaking. It is better to understand this difference so that we can prepare accordingly and get the best results!

Communication Format

Public Speaking is giving a speech face to face to a live audience. It comprises various forms of spoken communication skills ranging from imparting a speech.

Skills Required

The only input that goes into public speaking is the speaker, his or her verbal talent, and style of communication, all elements displayed collectively as a package.

Time for Preparation

Extempore is a speech that is delivered without preparation. The speaker is given a topic on the spot and is given a minute or two to prepare on the same.

Creativity Index

The style of delivery of every individual is different from others. Every speaker possesses few unique qualities and has complete freedom to design his or her communication style.

Purpose of the Speaker

Most forms of public speaking work in a similar fashion. The purpose of the speaker is to convince the audience to agree with the stance of the speaker.

Elements for Effectiveness

Effective public speaking requires the speaker to deliver so efficiently that at the end the audience stands out thrilled, amazed, and persuaded.

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