Why Does PowerPoint Design Ideas Not Work?

The goal of this tool is to help you create a visually appealing slide design within a matter of a few seconds! While it is still quite far away from achieving that goal completely.

But, the real problem that a lot of PowerPoint users are facing is that for many people, the design ideas either doesn’t show, or is greyed out, or simply doesn’t provide any recommendations!

What are Design Ideas in PowerPoint?

A feature in Microsoft PowerPoint that provides multiple design options for a slide and allow you to choose from different designs for a particular slide.

What Version of PowerPoint has Design Ideas?

If you want to use the design ideas feature in your presentation, you will have to install Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft PowerPoint 2019.

Why Does Your PowerPoint Not Have Design Ideas/Design Ideas Missing? 

It can be an older version of the software, or the Design Ideas are not enabled.

Why are PowerPoint Design Ideas Greyed Out? 

The possible reasons are: - No Internet Connection - Multiple Slides Selected - Your PowerPoint version is Not Activated.

PowerPoint Doesn’t Show Design Ideas?

The reasons may vary from having multiple shapes in the slide, or the slide layout may be incorrect, or perhaps you are using a custom theme!

Design Ideas Doesn’t Show Suggestions Automatically

You have to enable it from the “PowerPoint Options” menu located in the “File” tab.

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