Delete Unused Master Slides in PowerPoint- An EASY Guide!

Having too many unnecessary slides in your PowerPoint can just as easily make your presentation quite heavy!

It also makes for a poor user experience especially when you are short on time and you keep getting confused between slides.

To see which slide layout is in use, you will need to open the slide master view first.

Identify Unused Master Slides in PowerPoint


Click on the “View” tab in the menu ribbon located at the top of the screen. In the “View” menu, click on the “Slide Master” option to access the master slide.


Hover the pointer over the master slide.  If it is in use, it will say “used by slide(s)” when you hover the pointer over it. If it shows “used by no slides”, the slide layout is unused.

How to Delete Unused Master Slides

You can either use the “delete” key on your keyboard or click on the “Delete Master” options.

Using the Delete Key

- Click on the “View” menu. - Identify the slide and press the “delete” key.

Using the Right-Click Option

- Open the “Slide Master” view. - “Right Click” on the unused master slide. - Click on the “Delete Master” option.

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