How to Customize Ribbon in PowerPoint?

I’m confident that you may wonder at some point in time if there was a way to customize the ribbon in PowerPoint and personalize it as per your convenience!

Well, I’m glad to share with you that PowerPoint does allow you to customize the ribbon and add commands of your choosing!

How to Customize the Ribbon in PowerPoint?

You will need to access the “PowerPoint Options” window. Once you have the “PowerPoint Options” window open, simply click on the “Customize Ribbon”.

Using the “File” Tab

Step 1 – Simply start by clicking on the “File” tab. This will lead you to the backstage view in PowerPoint.

Step 2 –

Now, in the backstage view, click on the “Options” menu. This will open the “PowerPoint Options” window.

Step 3 –

Now, in this “PowerPoint Options” window, click on the “Customize Ribbon” on the left part of the screen.

Method 2 – Using the Right-click Option

Step 1 –  Right-click anywhere on the ribbon. Then, from the options that appear, click on the “Customize the Ribbon” option.

Step 2 –

Now, simply click on the “Customize Ribbon” from the options on the left part of the screen.

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