How to Curve Text in PowerPoint?

There are times when we want to curve text in PowerPoint. This could be to encapsulate a shape such as a circle or give some artistic effects to the text in PowerPoint. 

I will share with you exactly what you need to do to curve text in PowerPoint. Plus, in the end, I will also show you how to curve text around a shape in PowerPoint!

We will take a look at the process in detail with visual references in this section. The process to curve text in PowerPoint is actually quite simple.

How to Curve Text in PowerPoint?


The first step is to select the text box that contains the text that you want to curve in PowerPoint. Next, we need to apply the curve text effect.


Click on the “Format” tab. Then, click on the “Text Effects” option. Click on the “Transform” button and another side menubar will appear with multiple other options to transform the text.


You will need to adjust the size of the text box by dragging either the top or the bottom sides of the text box. The more square your text box appears, the better the effect of the curved text.


You can also increase the size of the font to get a better effect on the curved text. I would still recommend doing this as a way to adjust the text in a perfectly curved manner.


The final step of the process would be the finer adjustments. You may want to further adjust the size of the text effect as well as the font size in tandem in order to get the desired output.

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