Easy Tips That Always Make Your PPT Presentation Attractive 

Designing a presentation can take a lot of effort, especially if you are a beginner. All the options that software like PowerPoint presents can be overwhelming.

Not everyone is blessed with the aptitude and the skills to design. Despite this, anyone (including a beginner) can create attractive presentations almost every single time!

Create an awesome Title Slide for an awesome first impression

It can create a good first impression which can lead a subtle positive bias in the mindset of your audience.

When using color, stick to the basics

Choosing a color scheme is important, however, maintaining consistency throughout can set your presentation apart and make it look professional.

Introduce Contrast

Using the same colors on every single slide with the same white background can also sometimes create monotony.

Choose fonts

A simple rule of thumb is to pick fonts that are clear and legible, fonts that won’t tire the eyes of the reader even with extended looks at your slides.

Use images in your presentation

Using images judiciously helps break the monotony of the presentation. Sometimes, use of images in your presentation also help to explain the concept better.

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