How to Add Section in PowerPoint?

When creating a big presentation (of more than 30 or 40 slides), there are times when you end up looking for a slide that you just created, and it takes you quite some time to locate it!

Adding sections and grouping slides in PowerPoint allows you to stay organized when creating and delivering a presentation. It can come in handy especially when you have a long presentation.

There are two ways in which you can add a slide to a group in your PowerPoint presentation. You can add a new slide in the group or you can move a slide from another group to your preferred group.

Add New Slides to a Section 

Step-1 The first step of the process is to “Right-click” on the slide navigation bar, in the location of the sequence of slides where you want the new slide to be added.


From the dropdown menu, click on the “New Slide” option, which is the first option in the menu. After that, a new slide will be added to your preferred sequence.

Move Slides from Other Sections 

You can also move slides from one group to another.


The first step of moving a slide from one group to your preferred group is to select the slide that you want to move and keep holding the “Left mouse button”.


While holding the “Left mouse button”, drag the slide from its original position and place it in your preferred location then let go of the “Left mouse button”.

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