How to Add Fonts to Google Slides?

One of the benefits is that you get to use the most modern fonts provided by Google (through Google Fonts) like Montserrat, Lato, and many others directly in your Google Slides presentation.

By default, you get about 26 different font options within Google Slides. But, what if you want to add more fonts to Google Slides? How do you do that?

How to Change Fonts in Google Slides?

In Google Slides, you can easily add text to your slides. You can also change the way your text looks by adding text effects to the text in Google Slides.


The first step of the process is to click on the text box and select the entire text. Then click on the “Font” box from the toolbar located at the top of the screen right below the menu bar.


Scroll down the dropdown menu within the “Font” box to find your preferred font style. Now all you have to do is click on the new font style and it will be automatically saved.

How to Add More Fonts to Google Slides?

You can get these fonts either through the “More Fonts” option or an external source like the Extensis Fonts through “Add-ons”.


Select the text in a text box to access the font style editing tools. Click on the “Font” box in the toolbar to open a dropdown menu and click on the “More fonts” option.


In the “Fonts” dialogue box, scroll through the font styles to find your preferred one. You can also use the “Search box” to find a specific font.

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