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15 Useful Presentation Topics for Business Communication

If you are on this page, we know that you are a change maker in your business! We know that you understand the role that business communication plays in any professional setup. So, we want to give our best to enable you to make this change happen. Today, we want to talk about 15 useful topics for Business Communication that you can present in your organisation and empower others.

But first, let’s start with What is business communication? Business communication, in rudimentary terms, can be defined as a form of formal communication among professionals who are working for a common business objective.

While communication, in general, is important for any business to survive and thrive, in order to achieve success in business and for its respective teams, business communication becomes absolutely critical as success can’t be achieved without interacting with each other and having a common goal and objective in mind.

It is important to keep in mind that business communication is not just between your subordinates or your boss, you need to consider all stakeholders associated with your business. It can be one to many, one on one or many to one. Furthermore, it can involve various forms for communication medium such as email, telephone, intranet, presentations, video, social media, magazines, meetings, interviews, discussions etc.

So, what are some of the topics for business communication that you can give a presentation for your team? Let’s have a look –

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1. How to communicate business decisions during a crisis

Crisis management is one of the key moments when clear and coherent communication is of utmost importance. Any lack of communication or miscommunication during a crisis can lead to tragic circumstances for the business. A great topic for teams and companies to debate and create guidelines and response mechanisms to combat such issues.

2. Importance of Intranet

Intranet is a perfect platform to communicate business news and updates. As an internal business communication tool, it provides opportunities for information to be shared with the employees. Its importance can not be doubted. Taking up a topic like this one can help your team and colleagues truly understand the purpose behind deploying and managing the intranet within organisations.

3. Townhall and its benefits

This is often a forgotten mode of communication in many organisations. In today’s modern day of social media and other platforms, it is easy to forget the impact that a townhall can have on the employees of an organisation. An interesting presentation topic for business communication.

4. How to give an effective feedback

Giving feedback to your colleagues or team members can constitute one of the most essential types of communication as it ensures that the team has a healthy work relationship and there is no hindrance on the journey of achieving the common goal of the organisation. The best part about such a topic is that it is applicable across divisions and teams and can be useful irrespective for the background of your audience.

5. How to crack a business deal

Every organisation needs clients. Converting a potential lead into a successful client needs a lot more than business communication. However, understanding the need of your audience and communicating the right message, product or service that fulfils the requirement plays a key role in cracking a deal. It serves as a great topic for discussion on the importance of business communication among the sales team.

6. Managing relationship with you boss

There are many among us who don’t like their boss. Trust me, it is not uncommon! 🙂 But, part of the reason for the failure of a healthy relationship with your boss is business communication or the lack of it. A topic like this may not only enable you to come across colleagues who may resonate with your ideas, but also help improve relationships of your colleagues with their respective bosses.

7. Email Etiquettes

Let’s face it – email is the most common mode of communication among all employees in an organisation. Thus, it is of utmost importance that messages sent over an email communicate what was intended and not anything else. It is a great business communication presentation topic especially for the new employees who have recently joined your office.

8. How to communicate with your peers

Another important topic for most business settings. It is important for the employees to really understand the company’s policy on the work environment and communication among the employees. Having a presentation session on this business topic can be really helpful in setting up a healthy work environment for your employees.

9. Role of millennials in your brand success

I view this as a very interesting presentation topic for business communication. Why? Because, the role of millennials in the success of a brand is often not completely understood. With the onset of social media, millennials are finding it more and more easy to voice their opinion and impact a brand. This topic could serve as an interesting business communication presentation. 

10. Is the newsletter dead?

In this modern age where more and more information is consumed over digital mediums and the attention span of your audience is only diminishing, the importance of newsletter can form a good topic for not just a business presentation, but also include an interesting debate as an activity post your presentation.

11. Tips for successful business relationships with customers

Having a successful business relationship with customers goes way beyond just converting a potential lead into a customer. This is often a part of the business that gets missed out. Thus, considering this topic for your business communication presentation can be really fruitful.

12. Role of influencers for building a brand –

Social media has played a pivotal role of distributing the power to influence others from celebrities to individuals known as influencers. The role of an influencer is often not completely understood even though there are several influencers who now have the authority to influence your brand both positively and negatively. The lack of this understanding can impact the communication strategy of your brand. Thus, a very carefully curated session with this presentation topic for business communication can be highly effective in reaching success and achieving the goals of your business.

13. Brand guidelines and its importance

When we are talking about business communication, brand guidelines is a perfect topic as it sets the method of ensuring that the messaging and communication is consistent irrespective of which employee is engaging with a stakeholder outside your organisation. It is also really important that all employees understand the importance of consistent messaging.

14. Impact of social media for employees

We’ve come across several organisations that are struggling with leveraging their own employees across social media to create an awesome brand image. Furthermore, the impact of identifying the opportunities to leverage your employees towards a focused campaign is barely understood. Thus, considering this topic for your business communication presentation can be an eye opener for many within your organisation including business leaders.

15. Significance of company blogs

If you are a business communicator, you surely understand that each medium of communication is important as it often has its own pros and cons. Many believe that a company blog is turning out to be irrelevant. However, if a company blog is created with a correct strategy that is specific to a business, it can not just be successful but also push across customers. Taking up this presentation topic for business communication can, again, be a very interesting one. It may lead to an open debate and also help to work around and build upon your company’s existing communication strategy.


So there you have it. There is a lot to talk about when we need to share something useful on business communication. I would like you to consider these topics only as a conversation starter and build up from the brief pointers that we have mentioned. I also hope that you find the above topics really something that you can use and is effective in your business setting. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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