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How to Name Slides in Google Slides? [Quick Guide!]

How to Name Slides in Google Slides? [Quick Guide!]

Naming a slide in your Google Slides presentation can be a great way to keep your presentation organized. It is one of those things that will not necessarily make or break your presentation, but can definitely streamline the process when designing a presentation. So you may wonder, how exactly should you name slides in Google Slides?

To name a slide in Google Slides, first, insert a new slide. Then, type in the name of the slide in the “Click to add title” text box. This will not only add the heading of the slide but also name the slide by default.

In this article, we will cover the topic of naming slides in Google Slides in complete detail. I’ll show you how you can name and rename the slides in Google Slides. Plus, I’ll also share with you two methods on how to name and rename your presentation itself!

So, let’s get started!

1. How does Naming a Slide Help in Google Slides?

Google Slides allows you to change the title of each individual slide for easier navigation.

Naming a slide in Google Slides makes it easy to find a specific slide when you want to hyperlink it on another slide with the “Link” feature in the toolbar or “Ctrl+K” on the keyboard.

By hyperlinking a slide in another slide, you can jump to different slides from a specific slide without scrolling through the entire list of slides. Naming slides will also help you sort them into a table of contents if necessary!

2. How to Name a Specific Slide in Google Slides?

In Google Slides, by default, the name of a slide is the same as the title written on that specific slide. The process of naming a specific slide in Google Slides is mostly automated.

You have to follow 2 simple steps:

Step-1: Click on the “Click to add title” box in the slide

Google Slides automatically sets the name of a slide according to the text in the title box. To change it manually, click on the “Click to add title” box on the slide.

By clicking on it, you can start changing the name of that specific slide.

Step-2: Write the name of the slide in the box

Once you click on the “Click to add title” box in the selected slide, the textbox will turn empty. Now you can write your preferred title for the slide. This title will also be the name of your slide.

3. How to View the Slide Name?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to view the name of the slides in Google Slides currently. However, you can see the name of the slide when you try to insert a link on any one of the slides. (Check out my other article on how to insert a link in Google Slides if you are unsure about the steps.)

Here’s what you need to do –

Step 1 – Insert a hyperlink

You can insert a hyperlink by going to the “Insert” tab, and then clicking on the “Link” option. Make sure you select the text that needs to be linked to another source.

Step 2 – Choose the “Slides in this presentation” option

When inserting a link, Google Slides will present an option to add links to existing documents in your Google Drive as well as the slides on the presentation.

To view the name of the slides, we will need to link the text to existing slides. To do that, simply click on the “Slides in this presentation” option at the bottom.

Step 3 – View the Names of the Slides

In the next pop-up, you will notice that the name of the slides is visible along with the respective slide numbers.

This is the only way to view the name or the title of the slides in Google Slides.

4. How to Rename a Slide Layout in Google Slides?

If you are not aware already, slides layouts in Google Slides are different from the slides themselves!

Slide layout in Google Slides contains various premade designs that can be used for the quick arrangement of the contents in the slide.

The layouts can be found in the “Apply layout” option under the “Slide” button in the menus.

You can follow the steps to change the name of a slide layout:

Step-1: Click on the “Theme builder” option under the “View” button

To find the option to rename a slide layout, at first you have to open the “Theme builder” which allows you to customize themes and layouts.

In the menubar, click on the “View” button, and from the drop-down menu, click on the “Theme builder” option.

In an older or not updated version of Google Slides, click on the “Master” option under the “View” button in the toolbar.

Step-2: Select the Slide Layout you want to rename

Once the “Theme builder” is open, you will notice a “Streamline” on the left side of the slide. The “Streamline” contains the list of the slide layouts available in Google Slides.

Select the layout you want to rename from the list of the layouts.

Step-3: Click on the “Rename” button

Once you have selected your preferred layout, click on the “Rename” button on top of the slide. It will open a pop-up where you can write a new name for the selected slide layout.

Click on the “OK” button to save the new name of the layout.

Step-4: View the Name of the Slide Layout

To view the name of the slide layout, click on the “Layout” option on the toolbar of your Google Slides presentation. Then, from the dropdown, you can see the name of the layout underneath the slide layout preview.

You can also choose a different layout by clicking on the one you like from this menu.

5. How to Name Your Google Slides Presentation?

The name of your Google Slide presentation helps you sort the file or find it easily.

When you open a new Google Slides presentation, the name will be automatically set to “Untitled Presentation.”

To name the presentation, find the title on the top left corner of your screen and click on the “Untitled presentation” box. After that, type in what you want to name the presentation and the title will be saved automatically once you click anywhere outside the box.

6. How to Rename Your Google Slides Presentation?

If you already have the presentation open in front of you, you can use the “Rename” option in the film menu. Furthermore, you can also simply click on the name of the presentation and rename it like we did in the previous section.

Alternatively, you can also rename a Google Slides presentation just as you would rename a file from your Google Drive folder.

Let’s take a look at both the methods below –

Method 1 – Using “File” Menu

In Google Slides, you can rename your presentation by following three simple steps by using the “File” menu.

Step-1: Click on “Rename” under the “File” menu

The first step is to click on the “File” menu and then click on the “Rename” option from the dropdown menu.

Step-2: Rename your presentation

After you click on the “Rename” option, you will see the text in the “Title Box” has been selected. Simply write the new name you want for the presentation.

The new name will be saved and the Google Slide presentation will be renamed automatically, once you click anywhere outside the box.

Method 2 – Using Google Drive Folder

In Google Drive, you can find your Google Slides presentation under the name it has been saved. If you do not remember the title it was saved as, you can scroll through the “Files” to find your presentation.

Once you spot the presentation you want to rename, follow the 2 easy steps:

Step-1: Right-click on file and choose the “Rename” option

After you find the Google Slide presentation that you want to rename in Google Drive, “Right-click” on the presentation. It will open a drop-down menu.

Click on the “Rename” option from the menu. It will lead you to a pop-up for renaming the file.

Step-2: Rename the Presentation

In the pop-up box in the middle of the screen, you will see a text box with the old title of the presentation.

Clear the previous name and type in the new title of the presentation. Click on the “OK” button to save the new title.

You will see that the Google Slides presentation has been renamed on both Google Drive and Google Slide.

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