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Can I do a PowerPoint presentation using an iPad?

Can I do a PowerPoint presentation using an iPad?

I love my iPad, and If you are like me, you would want to carry it wherever you go. It is compact, light and allows me to get things done that can’t be done using my phone due to its small size! In fact, it is so convenient that it makes me wonder if I could replace my laptop with an iPad even for my client meetings? 

But, can I create a PowerPoint presentation using an iPad? Yes, you can create a PowerPoint presentation using an iPad. In fact, iPad has a bunch of different apps that allow you to run PowerPoint presentations on it. iPad’s built-in Keynote presentation software also allows you to view the PPT files. You can also install Microsoft PowerPoint to run, edit and create a PowerPoint presentations from scratch on iPad just as you run it on a laptop!

Running a PowerPoint presentation on your iPad is actually a lot easier than you think. There are, however, a few things you should be aware of. Let’s get into the details of the workings of a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad.

How to put a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad?

Sometimes, you may already have a PPT file that was shared by your colleague or a client. However, many a times, it is you who has to create a PowerPoint presentation that dazzles your audience! Creating a presentation that holds our audiences’ attention is hard. We wrote a post that covers the steps that you should be taking while creating a PowerPoint presentation. We’ve broken it down to a step-by-step process that is designed to help you with creating a presentation. (Link –

If you have already created a presentation using a laptop or any other computer, you’ll first need to transfer it to your iPad. There are multiple ways you could do this. I would like to share my top 3 favourite method as they are free, doesn’t take too much time, and are easy to carry out as it doesn’t require any technical expertise.

1. Transfer the PPT file to your iPad using your email

This is probably the easiest of all the three options. In all likelihood, you may already have received a PPT file from your colleagues through an email. In this case, all you need to do is simply open your email account on your iPad, click on the email that contains the PowerPoint file, and download it.

2. Transfer the PPT file to your iPad using a cloud storage service

Another quick and easy option is using a cloud storage services. There are plenty of cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and even iCloud. Most of these services offer at least a few GBs of free data storage. Simply upload your PPT file from your computer. Then, login to your cloud storage service on your iPad and download the PPT file on your iPad.

3. Transfer the PPT file to your iPad using WhatsApp

Video on how to login to WhatsApp on your iPad

Another great way to download the file directly to your iPad is by using WhatsApp. While WhatsApp is a great way to stay in touch with you friends, it is also great to share files. You can ask your colleague to send the file to you over WhatsApp. All you need to do is simply log in to your WhatsApp account on your iPad, open your colleague’s chat message, and download the file.

What is the best app for PowerPoint presentation on iPad?

In our experience, Microsoft PowerPoint is by far one of the best apps to work with PPT presentations on iPad. You can easily download and use, and if you have an Office365 subscription, it allows you access to additional functionalities which come in handy especially if you plan to edit files on-the-go on your iPad. PowerPoint presentation has been the brainchild of Microsoft, and it has been the leader by a long stretch when it comes to the presentation software.

With Microsoft PowerPoint, not only do you resolve the compatibility issues of the PPT files with software, you also get an interface you are familiar with. You can be absolutely sure that PPT file will look exactly as it is intended to when using Microsoft PowerPoint on iPad.

You can download the Microsoft PowerPoint app for your iPad from the App Store.

Is Microsoft PowerPoint app FREE for iPad?

Microsoft PowerPoint Image

Microsoft PowerPoint app is FREE to download and use on an iPad. Microsoft realise that the future of technology is more towards smartphones and tablets. Thus, they have a strong focus on providing access to user files on-the-go. Although you can edit PowerPoint presentations on-the-go, if you wish to get advanced functionalities, you may want to get an Office365 subscription. Having said that, most of your basic editing needs are covered in the base version of the app.

Are there any other apps for PowerPoint presentation on iPad?

Absolutely! There are several other applications that you can use to open and edit a PowerPoint presentation on iPad. All the other applications have their pros and cons. We have listed down the top 3 alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint on iPad. They are in no order to preference.

1. Keynote

Keynote is the native software that offers an office suite on Mac and iOS devices including iPad. It has been built from the ground up for iPad and iPhone devices. Needless to say, it is one of the most powerful software when working with presentations.

While Keynote allows you to view, open and edit a PowerPoint file, the overall functionalities are different. We’ve also seen that the look and feel of the PPT file does change when using it on Keynote. However, the changes are not major and if you are only planning to view the major contents of the PPT file on your iPad, Keynote is effective.

2. Google Slides

The best part about Google Slides is that it allows real-time collaboration on projects with its online office suite. This is great especially when your team is not based in the same location as you are.

Google Slides is also compatible with PPT files. It allows you or open, view and edit PowerPoint files on your iPad. Google Slides is FREE. All you need is a Google account to start using it.

3. WPS Office

WPS office to open PPT files without PowerPoint

Image credit – Mr. Phone

WPS stands for Writer (W), Presentation (P), Spreadsheets (S). It is our favourite alternative to Microsoft Office suite. It has been designed with Microsoft Office users in mind. Thus, the look and feel of WPS Office has striking similarities to that of MIcrosoft Office. For all the Microsoft Office users, WPS Office makes you surprisingly feel just at home.

If you are looking to a cheaper/free alternative to Microsoft Office suite that looks and feels just like MS Office, in our experience WPS Office by far the best option for you. It was designed with Microsoft Office users in mind. It was originally launched for Windows, however, WPS Office suite 2019 version has been expanded to both Linux and Mac users as well.

WPS Office is now also available for Mac and iOS users. You can download WPS Office directly from the App Store or visit the download section on their website. WPS Office is FREE to use although simply signing up for an account with them gives you access to premium feature for 1 year.

What equipment will I need to do a PowerPoint presentation using an iPad?

What makes the iPad really powerful is that it allows you to connect to a projector and project the presentation on a bigger screen. This comes in really handy as this negates the need to carry any laptop. Alternatively, if you consider laptop to be your first choice, instead of carrying an additional spare laptop, you can keep an iPad device as a backup just in case your laptop fails to work.

Video on how you can connect your iPad to a projector

There are multiple ways to connect your iPad to a Projector. Two of the most common ways are – 

  • HDMI connection
  • VGA connection 

For both the connections, you will need to buy an additional connector cable that allows you to connect the two devices.

Our personal preference is to use the VGA connector. Main reason for this is the fact that a VGA connector allows the sound to be played from the iPad itself as opposed to a HDMI connector. In an HDMI connection for an iPad, the sound is played through your projector. Another reason for preference of a VGA connector over an HDMI connector is that it is more widely available as a default connection option to the projector in most corporate offices. However, connector preference comes down to a personal choice.

So, is it worth it???

We started this article wondering whether we could do a PowerPoint presentation using an iPad, and whether we could carry an iPad to our meetings instead of a laptop. With the availability of Microsoft PowerPoint application for iPad and several other alternatives to open a PPT file on iPad, as well as the possibility to connect the iPad to a projector, we can safely conclude that an iPad can be used as a replacement to a laptop while meeting clients!

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